brighten your team's day

We've created an easy way for you to send boxes of our delicious and exciting snacks to your team, straight to their home or workplace.

from £3.37

with free postage

Send your team boxes packed with our most popular wholesome, tastebud-tingling, snacks.
Mouth watering flavours guaranteed.

Wholesome Snacks

We're always on the hunt for healthier, chewier, nuttier, crunchier, better. Whether you've got a sweet tooth or a soft spot for savoury treats, with graze there's always something fresh and exciting to discover.

Nutritionally Balanced

We've worked with brilliant nutritionists to make sure our snacks are carefully balanced. At least 50% of our range will always be below 150 kcals.

Bites that Excite

From decadent Belgian speculoos and cinnamon pretzels to punchy protein nuts, lively lemon flapjacks and beyond, with our one-of-a-kind recipes you'll never be bored of snacktime again.

we've created a new way to graze
bring exciting snacking home from the office

from £3.37 per box

let your employees choose their box
the quickest and easiest way to get everybody snacking

Order the number of boxes you would like to send to your team and we will send you a unique code that you can share with your team. Everyone can use the code once to choose from 9 exciting boxes that we will pop through their letter box.
  • quickly and easily buy the whole team a box
  • everyone chooses their own box and tells us where to send it
  • vegan options available


number of boxes:

Need something else?

If you are after something else, we will try to help. A few things we can do in some circumstances:

  • Send directly to employees with bulk address import
  • Add custom messages in the box

to find out more, get in touch at: wholesale@graze.com

Join these happy customers

"Thank you so much for organising the boxes, the buzz has been amazing and everyone has enjoyed them"
"Feedback so far has been excellent – everyone very excited at receiving a graze box"
"The whole process did much to motivate our crew"

Perfectly portioned

When it comes to planning your snacks, how much do you buy and how much do you eat? With graze, we've done the hard work for you. Our team of expert nutritionists work closely with our recipe-makers to make sure that every graze box snack is balanced, perfectly portioned, and tastes amazing. So you'll never have to worry about what to buy or how much to eat again.

Over 60 mouth-watering snacks

We've found that using the best ingredients nature has to offer makes the best snack, and we've got over 60 delicious, wholesome creations for you to look forward to. From Cocoa Vanilla Flapjack to Peanut Butter Dipper, you'll never get bored of snacking again.

Fits through your letter box

You pick your preferences, you choose when and how often your graze box is delivered⁠—and as they fit neatly through the letterbox, your snack selection will be waiting for you when you get home. Unless the postman couldn't resist, of course.

Loved by millions across the UK

Over the last 10 years of reimagining snacking, we're proud to say that 5 million grazers have tucked into our tasty, wholesome treats. We've had over 4 million snack ratings and created over 2,700 wholesomely mouth-watering concoctions.