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Our Impact Reports

At graze, we've committed to balancing people and planet with profit. If you want to find out how we’re doing this (because it’s all about the actions, not empty words), then you can find out in our Impact Report. Find everything in the links below.

Read the full report - 2022

Read the full report - 2021

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B Corp, baby

We became a B Corp in February 2021 and we couldn’t be any prouder. Our aim is to have a positive impact on all our stakeholders, from our workers to our grazers and, of course, the planet. Becoming a B Corp has meant we’re constantly hunting out ways to do better, to be better and to snack our way to a future we all want to be part of. We know we’re not perfect and there’s still a long way to go, but we’re working on it. You can even hold us to our word by reading our progress updates in our annual Impact Reports or our B Corp assessment.

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healthy can be delicious

So far, we’ve reduced the amount of sugar in our snacks by a whopping 160 tonnes since 2008 whilst keeping the same great taste. In fact, testing has shown that a number of grazers think some taste even better! We even gained points in our B Corp assessment for looking after our grazers by making sure all our snacks have benefits such as fibre or plant protein. Of course, there’s no point in being a great snack brand if you don’t taste incredible too, so we take being rip-roaringly delicious very seriously. ​

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HOW we’re making a difference

All our snack trays are fully recyclable (except the lid, but we’re working on that bit) and we’ve made sure our new Oat Boost wrappers and Crunch Sharing Bags are now recyclable in large supermarkets (they weren’t recyclable at all before). We’ve also reduced the amount of miles our snacks travel by 42,000 annually by moving our bakery into the same building as our factory. We try to avoid waste wherever we can, but when it happens, we donate to our local food bank charity, City Harvest. If we can’t do this, it goes to local farm animals as feed.

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No snackrifices

As well as having a healthy benefit such as fibre or plant protein, our snacks are also soul-stirringly delicious. We combine our ingredients in innovative and exciting ways to make sure every bite is mind-blowing.

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If you’ve found The Snacks that make you do a happy dance in the kitchen, then you can always stock up the cupboards (or sock drawer) with your favourites from our online shop.

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Never get bored at snack-time again. Unbox a carefully curated collection of 8 or more unique snacks. We’ll also introduce you to new snacking brands and share exciting content in our exclusive magazine, The Grazette.