Two people sitting in the floor eating graze snacks
Two people sitting in the floor eating graze snacks
A bowl of blueberries. nuts, peanuts and spices, lemons and baking equipment on a table
Simple ingredients

We use simple ingredients, such as:

  • Wholegrains
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Nuts

We never use artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

​All of our snacks are vegetarian and two thirds of our snacks are vegan. Go plant power. ​

Graze cherry bakewell oat boosts
Snacks with benefits

Snack on an abundance of benefits, without compromising on taste, always. ​​

Each snack will have at least one of these: ​

  • Plant protein
  • ​Fibre ​
  • One of your essential vitamins and minerals

Some may even have all 3. You’re welcome. ​

Graze sea salt and pepper crunch
Nutritionally balanced

All of our snacks are perfectly portioned. We have no snacks over 250 kcals and at least 50% come in under 150 kcals.​

We make sure all of our snacks have responsible thresholds on calories, sugar, salt and saturated fat.

Our Oat Boost flapjacks are leaders for sugar content in the cereal bar aisle with 45% less sugar*, and we’ve reduced the saturated fat in them by 45% since they first landed on the shelves.

None of our snacks are high in salt.​

*we compared this recipe to over 80 cereal bars to work this percentage out.

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How graze works

For just £14.99 a month with free shipping, you can enjoy at least 8 brand new snacks delivered to your door.​ Don’t want your box one month? No problem, you can skip it.  

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If you’ve found The Snacks that make you do a happy dance in the kitchen, then you can always stock up the cupboards (or sock drawer) with your favourites from our online shop.

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