Did you know that some of the nation’s favourite snacks can contain up to 111% of your Recommended Daily Limit (RDL) of added sugar*?

Yep, that's in one snack.

This means that adults in the UK currently consume DOUBLE the NHS Recommended Daily Limit* of added sugar. Blimey.

At graze, we think this is a huge problem that needs to be addressed.

But it's not your fault.

What you see on the wrapper doesn’t tell the whole story about the amount of added sugar in your snacks.

here's the whole story

Snack makers currently only label the total amount of sugar in their snacks, and they don’t share how much added sugar you’re eating as a percentage of your RDL. As your RDL for added sugar is only 1/3 of your total sugars RDL, it's really easy to eat more than the recommended 30g of added sugar a day without realising.

so, what is an added sugar?

Great question. An added sugar is defined as any sugar that’s added to food or drinks during processing or preparation. This might seem obvious, but watch out for a few sneaky added sugar surprises, like honey and fruit smoothies.

On the other hand, naturally occurring sugars are those present in dairy and intact fruit and vegetables (so as long as they haven’t been blended or pureed, basically). These naturally occurring sugars, when consumed in moderation, don't seem to have a negative effect on our health and they come with extra nutrients, such as fibre**.

naturally occurring vs added sugar infographic

To help you, we’ve created this guide to put all this information into practice when you’re shopping for your next snack:

decoding your wrapper infographic

So, what does all this mean? Well, we’ve launched our #KnowAddedSugar campaign to shine a light on the excess added sugar in the nation's favourite snacks to help you make informed choices at snack time.

the #KnowAddedSugar index

Check out the estimated added sugar content* of over 100 of the nation’s favourite snacks (there are some shockers!) and where we sit compared to the rest (hint: we’re doing pretty well).

We’re proving changes can be made.

In 2019, we reduced the amount of sugar in our products by 60% by using naturally sweet chicory root fibre. Just tooting our own horn there.

And we didn’t sacrifice taste to get there. Our delicious Oat Boost range lets you hit the sweet spot at snack time without eating your daily limit of added sugar in just one treat.

Cherry Bakewell Oat Boosts

Cocoa Orange Oat Boosts

lemon blueberry oat boosts

Honey Oat Boosts

* Estimated calculations based on the Graze #KnowAddedSugar methodology. Find out more on graze.com/sugarindex

** Source: https://www.bhf.org.uk/informationsupport/heart-matters-magazine/nutrition/sugar-salt-and-fat/free-sugars

† We've compared this recipe to over 80 similar cereal bars to work this percentage out.