introducing our NEW kids cereal bars

Kids Chocolate Cerial Bar

introducing our NEW kids cereal bars

Win-Winner 50% less sugar graphic Win-Winner 50% less sugar graphic

something kids and grown-ups can both agree on

Imagine a snack that kids love - and that you can feel good about giving them. Sound good? Super stuff! 

50% less* sugar, top taste

We use naturally sweet chicory root fibre in this recipe, so we need less sugar.

*we've compared this recipe to over 80 similar cereal bars to work this percentage out. See for more details.

win your kids over or your money back

A super snack or your money back when you try Super Snackers - valid for online purchases only.
We reckon this is a super snack that your kids will love - and you'll love that they've got 50% less sugar than the average cereal bar.
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discover what other parents love about Super Snackers

My kids loved the flavours - even my sugar addict 6 year-old! I love that they have 50% less sugar than other cereal bars! Mumsnet tester
These bars are great and my kids love them. It’s great to finally be able to find a snack bar that isn’t loaded with sugar! grazer
My little boy really loved the strawberry and toffee apple bars! Mumsnet tester
Love that they are called ‘super snackers’; my little boy thinks that it means they are extra special Mumsnet tester
My daughter who us quite fussy on things absolutely loves them, I finally found an healthier treat that she enjoys grazer

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