No snackrifices

You shouldn’t have to compromise at snack-time. That’s why as well as having benefits such as added fibre or plant protein, our snacks are also soul-stirringly delicious. We combine wholesome ingredients in innovative and exciting ways to make sure every bite is mind-blowing.


Never get bored at snack-time again. Each month, you’ll have the chance to unbox a carefully curated collection of 8 or more unique snacks. We’ll also introduce you to new snacking brands and share exciting content in our exclusive magazine, The Grazette.

Snack to the future

We know there’s no Planet B. That’s why we believe that people and planet are as equally as important as profit. So much so that we actively measure ourselves on it. As a certified B Corp, we’re constantly hunting out ways to do better, to be better and to snack our way to a future we all want to be part of. That’s why with our fresh new look, we’ve made sure our Crunch Sharing Bags and Oat Boost wrappers are now recyclable in large supermarkets when they weren’t before.