chocolate curiosities

the newest addition from the graze kitchen

what's the big idea?

Just like nuts, veg are brilliantly versatile when it comes to taste pairings. All it takes is a bit of curiosity for the more imaginative side of snacking. By adding some crunchy veg to a chocolatey mix, you get curiously satisfying textures and sophisticated flavours to munch on. Not to mention the feel-good factor that comes with eating more veg.

what are the benefits?

Of course there's the protein from the beans and nuts and fibre from the veg - all good stuff. Then there's also the more left-field benefit, which is that you can indulge in a chocolatey treat, all while eating extra veg. Win win.

what makes it taste so good?

Did we mention the chocolate? Who'd have thought chocolate would be the thing that made veg irresistible instead of something you ate just to keep your conscience happy?

great with...

A top evening treat that goes beautifully with a bit of telly.

  • high in fibre
  • source of protein